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Working Bee

The Roxburgh Park Community Garden is cracking on. We just had a working bee and workshops down there. Thanks to all who joined in. Special thanks to Maria for the lovely lunch!

We espaliered an apple along the fence. Planted some passion fruit & choko along the fence too! Don’t forget to train your vines sideways at first so that your plants bush up at the bottom as well as the top!

We planted up a herb garden with both edible plants & insect attracting plants and put in a super crop of asparagus. That’ll be ready to harvest from next spring. We’ll refrain from picking them this year so that the plants get a good chance to grow strong & establish themselves. We’ll keep topping them up with mounds of well rotted sheep manure so that they are well fed.

My asparagus at home have established themselves quite well now. They’re planted along side my rhubarb underneath the mulberry trees in the front yard. It’s the perfect spot – the mulberries protect them from the harsh summer sun and it’s a bed that doesn’t see too much action so they aren’t disturbed very often. I’m expecting big things from that bed this year!






We had a big weekend out in the garden – clearing out spent crops, sowing leafy greens and replenishing the herb garden with seedlings that I had growing in the greenhouse. And what does one need after a hard day’s work in the garden? Applewurst, that’s right!

Ol’Pauly was a good boy so I picked a couple of Granny Smith apples off the tree and headed inside to whip him up a hearty snack.

Naturally, I poached then fried the weisswurst then, as you can see, I fried up the wedges of apple.

I spread a warm bun with a little fancy sauce (mustard and mayo) then I loaded it up with apple and weisswurst.

Ol’Pauly got stuck right into it, as you would right?

Then he washed it down with a delightful ale. Mmm…

And of course there was a sip for the camerawoman 😉

Now don’t go bustin’ my chopps about tradition because I know all about that! This is about flavour, its about eating from the garden and it’s what we like!


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