A Purple Kind Of Day

It has been glorious out there today! What a way to start the winter.


The garden is full of flowers right now. Today it seemed as if there was every shade of purple out there.


All around us the tree dahlias are blooming. If you ride the train keep a look out for their beautiful blooms. You often find them peekingover the fences that line the railway.


Salvias are the champions of the winter garden. They seem to paint the garden with colour at a time when everything else is looking a bit drab. The bees love them too! They provide good winter fodder that will help your local hive stay strong for the time we need them most, spring – it’s just around the corner.


What’s blooming in your garden today?


4 responses to this post.

  1. Your photos are beautiful… and purple is a favourite colour of mine so I especially enjoyed this post!


    • Oh thank you PJ Girl! I was trying out the camera on my new phone. Technology hey?

      My lovely neighbour Mel has a thing for purple flowers so I find myself collecting cuttings for her and inadvertently end up with them in my garden too!


      • It’s hard to believe these pictures are off a phone… I love them and obviously I need to update my old phone!

      • I know! Its great because I’ve been so busy of late and this wonderful technology will allow me to post on the run. Having said that, I’m not overly keen on the formatting of the wordpress app. Twice now I’ve found myself having to come back home and reformat to my liking. I’m sure that it will improve with time =)

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