A Melon By Any Other Name Would Taste As Sweet

They may have been tiny this year but they weren’t short on flavour!

Eden’s Gem Rockmelon

Today I sent my rockmelon plants off to the compost but not before I harvested the last fruit of the season. This was a very strange crop indeed. The fruit were much much smaller than I imagined they would be. These were meant to be ‘Edens Gem’ rockmelon. Well, they were… but they weren’t softball sized as they should have been. They were like little rockmelon berries. Well, technically they are – botanically, rockmelons are modified berries or pepoes. Theres an interesting fact for you!

I think that this was a seed issue as the plant was quite healthy and the fruit were amazing (albeit so very very small).

Now, I want to put this out there because this was a total revelation to me: unripe rockmelon make an amazing substitute for cucumber! Yes indeedy!

When I pulled up the vine there were a few immature fruit still hanging there. Curiosity got the better of me so, I cut into them to see what I would find. Naturally I had to have a little taste. It was just like cucumber, only sweeter. So, into the salad they went.

I think I know what I’ll be doing with my melons next year! (oh behave!)

Have you ever grown Eden’s Gem?

How did you fare?


4 responses to this post.

  1. Small they may have been but at least they tasted good and you got some at all. All my melon plants got a few true leaves then decided my garden wasn’t for them and promptly died. I grew (or more accurately failed to grow) Hales Best Rockmelon. This is my second year running where the same thing has happen so I suspect that variety and my garden are not a good match.


    • Hi Liz, this is a somewhat belated reply – my apologies!

      Did you start yours off from seed? I’m just wondering if you try it again but start the seed really early say next month on a heat bed – inside and then transfer them to a big pot and then into the ground as soon as its big enough. I know it seems like a lot of work but I bet you could have lovely melons! (yes, it was a bit tongue in cheek – I’m in that kind of mood hahaha…).

      Seriously though, I am getting ready to kick off my summer crops that like a long growing season: tomatoes, capsicum, eggplant and so on. I’d be happy to start them off for you if you like?


  2. Interestingly enough mine were exactly the same and the same species too. I thought mine were the result of too little feed but maybe not. (Maybe it wasn’t warm enough?)


    • Hi Cat,

      Yeah, I suspect that the growing season wasn’t quite long enough /my fault! The thing is that the fruit ripened up and was in every other way normal. So, I wonder if it was in the breeding. Funny.

      We ought to try again because its such a nice alternative to cucumber.



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