Earth Hour

It's earth hour!

I feel very sad that almost none of my friends or family observe Earth Hour. They just don’t get it. I don’t know why.

It was really getting me down because I would tell people it was on and why it was important but, each year there seemed to be someone who would spoil it for us. Well, last year I decided to put my foot down. I knew that I needed to do something to let people know that we are doing something that is important (even if only to us). I decided that each Earth Hour night I would put three jars with tea lights across my driveway. Its my sign to let people around us know that we are observing Earth Hour.

Its just a simple idea but it seems to be working!

We also decided to take Earth Hour a little further by switching off for the entire evening. Its not hard to do especially if you have some good company to share it with.

I love  looking down my driveway looking at the beautiful glowing jars. Imagine if everyone did this. How beautiful would our streets be for that evening?

Do you observe Earth Hour?

What do you get up to?



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  1. I love your idea very much. So lovely, and I think it makes a greater statement than just dark.


    • Thanks Holleygarden, I’m glad you liked it. I always look for simple things that can make big difference. Feel free to share the idea around. It would be nice to be out walking on Earth Hour night and see twinkling tea lights all over the neighbourhood!


  2. I like your idea. I didn’t know about earth hour, but I do now. Thank you!


  3. We didn’t do anything, we completely forgot about it. So much is going on here and I’m amazed I even knew that daylight savings was finishing. I’m afraid we live in a bubble sometimes. Oh well, maybe next year.


    • Hi Leanne,

      I apologise, I meant to remind everyone but I like you I had so much going on.

      Not to worry. There is always next year and of course, there is nothing to stop you from doing your own private Earth Hour between now and then.

      I guess its designed to make us stop and think about our energy consumption and the little things we can all do to reduce it.

      So, on the upside: it has your attention now and who knows what might change in the following year as a result. =)


      • We have done it in past years, but this year we had no idea it was coming up. We are going through a major crisis with our eldest daughter and earth hour didn’t register with us. Many things don’t right now, though it doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of what is happening to the planet and every time I see my electricity bill I want to make it less.

  4. Posted by Nicole on April 1, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    Hi Jo, I’ve observed earth hour for the past couple of years. I like to use that time as an opportunity to switch off technology and have a little relaxing down time by candlelight. It was disappointing to peek out my window and see that very few of my neighbours had observed it. As awareness grows hopefully it will become the “norm” in many households.


    • Hi Nicole, you are a great woman! I was also disappointed by the lack of awareness in my neighbourhood too but, as you said hopefully that awareness will grow over the coming years. Perhaps we all needed a little sign to show each other that we were getting involved! Ta-ta!


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