We had a big weekend out in the garden – clearing out spent crops, sowing leafy greens and replenishing the herb garden with seedlings that I had growing in the greenhouse. And what does one need after a hard day’s work in the garden? Applewurst, that’s right!

Ol’Pauly was a good boy so I picked a couple of Granny Smith apples off the tree and headed inside to whip him up a hearty snack.

Naturally, I poached then fried the weisswurst then, as you can see, I fried up the wedges of apple.

I spread a warm bun with a little fancy sauce (mustard and mayo) then I loaded it up with apple and weisswurst.

Ol’Pauly got stuck right into it, as you would right?

Then he washed it down with a delightful ale. Mmm…

And of course there was a sip for the camerawoman 😉

Now don’t go bustin’ my chopps about tradition because I know all about that! This is about flavour, its about eating from the garden and it’s what we like!



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  1. Yum! Looks delicious 🙂


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