I’m back!

I’m well and truly up and out of bed now and for the first time in many, many weeks I have been back out working in my garden. If you’re still with me, thank you so very much for your patience!

I have been out in the garden from time to time but I didn’t have the energy to actually do anything except sit and enjoy my girls company. Bless my girls! While I was in bed they were right there outside my bedroom window keeping me company and keeping me entertained. And Chickie was there with me too as always =)


The girls sunning themselves outside my bedroom window.

So, I have quite a lot to catch up on. Yes indeed! I’ll tell you all about as I tackle it throughout the next week or two.

My poor vegetable garden is in a very sad state. It is getting very empty now as Autumn is upon us. I have been out and cut out all of the veg that had gone to seed or was totally neglected in my absence. I cleared out my tomatoes yesterday – the earliest that I have ever done this! They were not happy and had endured an unprecedented attack by the birds. We have however, had a fairly good crop all things considered. So, there will be bottled tomatoes to come – watch this space! But for now I am off to make a Tomato Cake. See you soon!


11 responses to this post.

  1. Glad to see you are back.


  2. I’m glad you’re well! No illness more!


  3. Those chooks look so happy in all that hay. Its made me realise I’m cold and really should put a jumper on…. glad you’re feeling better.


    • Its funny you know, we have this somewhat unsightly spot right outside the bedroom window which, I can’t bring myself to plant out because its the girls favourite spot. I love having them there so I have chosen straw and chickens over plants. It pleases Chickie too, she sits there with the girls all day long. They love each other! =)


  4. Welcome back 🙂 I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. Your girls really are very beautiful.


  5. Posted by poultrymatters on April 13, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    What beautiful chickens the silver laced wyandottes are.


  6. You make hats? I must have a look and see if you have pictures.


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