Visitor of the Month

Isn’t this Jewel Bug or Metallic Shield Bug (Scutiphora pedicellata) beautiful?

Sorry about the blurry head. It was so windy that I was lucky to get shots as clear as this. Oh and it really wasn’t all that happy about me taking photos either.

Ok – for the nerds among us (yes, that’s me too!) here are the particulars:

Kingdom: Animalia (naturally!)

Phylum: Arthropoda

Sub-phylum: Hexapoda (that covers all creatures with 6 legs and antennae)

Class: Insecta

Order: Hemiptera

Sub-order: Heteroptera

Family: Scutelleridae

If you want to see these guy’s in their other stages of life go to Morewell National Park‘s website.

Someone was a bit shy!

Jewel Bugs are sap suckers that feed on a number of different plants, including some food crops. I haven’t had any problems with them in my garden do date. Therefore, I treat them as very welcome visitors. This particular bug has been hanging out on a potato that sprouted in my leafy greens bed.

Why is this a “Bug” not a beetle? Well, these guys, those of the order Hemiptera have four membraneous wings beneath their scutellum as opposed to beetles who only have two. Also, these guy’s have what I would best describe as a “Ute Lid” styled scutellum. Beetles have a dual scutellum that has a split down the middle which, when they take flight, open up more like gull-wing doors.

Come to think of it, Herbie really was more of a “Love Beetle” than a “Love Bug”. Maybe if Herbie was a Ute…


4 responses to this post.

  1. Great photos, it stands out really well. How bad was that wind yesterday?


  2. Arent they wonderful. I got some shots in my backyard sans wind you might like. There are three or four pics of her there.
    Beetle aglow


    • Hi Dan,

      Thank you for the link to your flickr. Your photos are AMAZING! I love them. I think my favourite is the “Handsome” bee picture. Your picture of the jewel bug is perfect. I can tell that guy has an attitude!

      If you are after a challenge: There aren’t many good pictures of the Golden Sun Moths around. I’d love to see how you would capture sun moth. Let me know if you’re ever keen. There is a protected habitat just near me. I’d be happy to show you around.

      Thanks again,


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