Australia Day!

Like almost every other Australian in the world today we celebrated with a u-beaut Aussie barbie. And as is tradition in my family, lunch was followed by an afternoon of fun and games. Kelly Pool was the game of the day.

Ah Kelly Pool… fun for the whole family!

When we got home it was straight out to the garden for a bit of a clean up and a hunt for some tasty greens for Chickie Boombah and of course for tonight’s dinner: Stir fried ginger greens.

So, there I was thinking “I might leave those carrots another week and see how they’re getting on”. I decided to pinch off a few leaves for Boombah when I saw a hint of orange poking up out of the soil and thought, “ok, I’ll just check on this one”. I think you can tell from my reaction that I was quite surprised at what I saw. Thanks to Paul for being so quick with the camera!

Yep, she’s a big one!

And that’s not all. Check out the size of the sugarbeet. Its well and truly as big as my head.

I have been thinking about making a beetroot cake for ages so… I’m off to the kitchen to experiment.

Happy Australia Day!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sur on January 27, 2012 at 6:45 am

    They look amazing
    I can’t believe you are wearing a scarf and cardigan in January!


  2. They are huge, does that mean they are good? I have some carrots growing, but don’t think they are going to amount to anything.


    • Hey Leanne,

      Good question. That’s not how I usually roll but, they were delicious!

      You should have more faith in those carrots of yours. I was fairly blasé about these ones – until I pulled them up of course. This has been the best season (year?) for carrots. I have seen some outstanding crops over the past few months. Even my mum had a bumper crop!

      Way to grow mum! LOL


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