Mid-Spring Plantings

You know, I don’t usually get blisters while gardening. /of course, that’s not to say that I don’t work hard because I most certainly do! 😉 However, today I came in with two blisters. Paul and I have been slowly filling the two new vegie beds with compost, straw and excess soil that we’ve built up around the rest of the garden. These are the two beds that are now located where the hot house used to be. It’s a bit deceiving for me to say that they are new beds because in fact these garden beds have been all over the place. The whole veggie garden started out life around the back where our orchard now lives. See:

Jo and Nao in the garden. An oldie but a goodie.

That’s me on the phone to my girlfriend Naomi who was in London at the time and rather coincidentally, is again today! /now that’s what you call being in two places at once!

At the time it seemed like the right place to put the veggie patch because we spent a lot of time on that side of the house although, now we’ve moved it, I can’t imagine having it anywhere else. That’s the interesting thing about a garden. It can dramatically change the way in which you interact with your house.

Getting back to the two “new” beds; The first one is our corn bed. We had a couple of bins full of mushroom compost, which were left over from the last trailer load we bought in. I added those to the bed along with a big bag of well-composted sheep manure and a bucket full of Uncle Barry’s finest charcoal. That all got turned into the soil before I sowed the corn seed.

The next bed was a real mixed bag. I planted these seeds in rows across the bed, in this order:


Carrots: Royal Chantenay and Amarillo (yellow)

Lettuce: Red Velvet, Amish Dear Tongue and Yellow Curl





Pak choi

Radish ‘watermelon’

Red and Green spring onions

And climbing peas ‘everbearing’.

BY THE WAY: Please pay no attention to the ads that have started popping up below. They are RUBBISH! I absolutely do not endorse anyone or anything unless it is in my writing. I’ll be doing something about these ads very soon. Cheerio!


2 responses to this post.

  1. I think everyone with a veggie garden is grabbing this fine weather and getting things in the ground. Realised I need to plant celery and cucumber… how could I forget those??


    • We certainly can’t complain about the weather! I haven’t started on my cucurbits yet either. With so much that can be sown or planted at this time of year it’s easy to forget something or other. There is usually at least one thing that I forget each spring.


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