Froggy pond is finally on it’s way!

Thanks to the wonderful fellas from the road crew down the street we are now finally able to start building our beautiful frog pond.

Tipper arrives with boulders on board.

Tipper unloading boulders

Boulders in situ.

There were some new water mains being installed outside my mother-in-laws house last week. In order to get the new pipes in a whole heap of beautiful basalt boulders had to be excavated from the site. We happened to pop in on Friday evening, when the boulders had been brought up. We checked them over – perfect. So, we anxiously waited through the weekend hoping that they wouldn’t be send off to be crushed for road base before we were able to negotiate with the road crew to save them. My darling mother-in-law took on the task of negotiating and after a few friendly exchanges the tipper driver very kindly arranged to deliver them to us.

We have been planning to build a frog pond in our front garden for some time. However, we needed some pretty big rocks fro the job and as most people will know, big rocks can be very expensive. So, we worked on other areas of the garden while we waited for the day when such a situation would arise – where the boulders were being excavated locally and at a time that we were ready to have them offloaded in the garden.

We live in the vicinity of a number of beautiful waterways, which are populated by a fine selection of frogs, lizards and other animals. In particular our area is home to the Growling Grass Frog (Litoria raniformis), a nationally vulnerable species which is in need of help in any way possible. One way that we can help is to provide habitat for them – our froggy pond.

I have chosen an area of the block where our noisy inhabitants will be far from sleeping neighbours. Also, from a permaculture perspective, I have chosen a high point on the block which will enable me to run the overflow from the pond into my wicking vegetable beds, down through the water garden and then out to storm water – if it’s lucky.

There is so much work ahead for this project. I will be sure to document it’s progress for you.

Cosi & co, thank you ever so much for your generosity. I am truly grateful. The frogs and I won’t forget your good deed. They will be very happy in their new home which wouldn’t happen without you.

For more information on frogs of your area check out Frogs of Australia. They have sound waves so you can listen and quite easily identify the frogs living in your garden. For readers outside of Australia search frog sites in your country. I am sure there are plenty of resources like Frogs of Australia out there.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Looks like an exciting weekend ahead – nothing gets you moving more than a big pile of rocks sitting on the front lawn!
    Reminds me of when we started a chicken coop and I had an old dog kennel dropped on our driveway by a neighbour. It sat there for a few weeks as we had weekends booked out, but the final straw was having the old kennel still there just days before a birthday. Then I finally moved it in the winterdark twilight, just around the side of the house, where it still sits to this day!
    I will break it up and use it for something else.. one day.
    So here’s to getting cracking on our projects in a timely manner!


    • Ah ha, I think we’ve all had one of those dog kennel type moments =).
      Alas, this project may take us a while. We have a few other things to sort out before we can start. Hopefully not too long though.


  2. How’s the project going? Looks so exciting – can’t wait for an update!


    • Hi L, thanks for you’re message. My apologies to you and everyone who has missed me. I had to take some time off for personal reasons but, I’m back online now and have plenty to talk about.
      I hope that all is well at 500m2. I love your haircut by the way 😉 xx


  3. Can’t wait to see the end result! I’d LOVE a pond to attract frogs…when the 2 year old is a bit older I think 🙂


    • Hi Mrs Bok, well there hasn’t been any progress on the pond just yet. Those rocks have to sit tight for a little while yet although, I don’t think they’ll have any problem with that LOL. I just saw your post on Chook nappies. That’s hilarious! Take care, Jo xx


  4. Our neighbour has a pond the size of a swimming pool (Japanese Style). Pobblebonks come in every summer and the first time my wife hated it but in time (a couple oof days) she find his bonk quite soothing and loved it.


    • Hi Giorgio, they are quite soothing! I love the sound of Pobblebonks on a still summers night. It makes me want to walk down by the creek, just like those night hikes we used to take at school camps =)


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