Duck Deficiency?

This post was inspired by Bill Mollison who said “You don’t have a snail problem, you have a duck deficiency”.

We used to have ducks. They were great company, kept the more slimy pests in the garden at bay and were great fertilisers.

How we came to have ducks is a funny story but, it’s a long one so I won’t go into it here. Since my ducks have been gone for some time and my chooks aren’t at all interested in snails and slugs (I can’t blame them really) I have developed a duck deficiency. The most common symptom of a duck deficiency is: an increased number of snails and slugs in the garden.

With the very wet year we’ve had the population of snails in our garden has exploded. As you can see in the picture above I lifted a plank of wood and found where all of the snails have all been hiding the past few years. Now, most people would be pretty disturbed by such a sight and break out the snail pallets or beer traps. That’s just not my style. So, how do I treat a duck deficiency?

I put them in a container and take them to my local lake where there are heaps of ducks and geese that are only too happy to help.

If these were strawberries I’d get $7 a punnet. These ducks are getting a bargain!

Punnet of snails anyone?


6 responses to this post.

  1. A duck deficiency – I love it!


  2. I didn’t know ducks liked snails. I’ll have to remember if I should ever get invaded by snails.


    • Hi W.G., yes, they love to smash up the shells in their bills and wiggle them about until they are squishy enough to go down. They are a great source of protein and calcium and they provide the ducks shell grit. Actually, you have to watch ducks because they have a tendency to eat anything. One of my ducks once ate a lead sinker which had to have dissolved in her stomach the poor thing. She was fine though.


  3. You know, people can eat snails too…I’d rather let the ducks have them though.



    • Hi Barb,

      I’ve had escargot before and while it wasn’t bad I’ll leave it to the French to make and do the dish justice. Unless Gabriel Gaté wants to come over and show me/us all how to do it properly!


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