Fukuoka Bed Update – Six weeks on.

My Fukuoka inspired root crop bed has been ticking over quietly down the back. I’ve been leaving it be for 6 weeks now since I first sowed the seeds and covered them in mulch. I had planned to go back over the bed with another layer of mulch once the seeds began to sprout but, in the mean time a carpet of stinging nettles had begun to sprout. There were so many nettles that I wasn’t actually sure that I would find vegetables underneath.

I decided to leave the nettles for a while so that, if nothing else I could harvest them for use in the kitchen.


Yes, you can eat stinging nettles and they are very tasty! But, more about that in my next post…

Anyway, as you can see in the picture below: what I revealed was a bountiful crop of root vegetables, nicely spaced and very healthy.

Oh look, there they are.

Well, I’m off to top up the mulch.


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