Bee Sustainable

A few weeks back when it was way too wet to be out in the garden we decided to go out for a spot of lunch and a couple of Melbourne’s finest coffees. We ended up at the top end of Lygon St in Carlton, rummaging around for nic-nacs. I was walking down the street when I noticed a new looking shop called “Bee Sustainable”. “Well I’d better check this out”, I say. So Ol’Pauly goes off rummaging one way and I head into the store. Inside the store is clean, bright and full of my favorite things. What a boon!

I have a bit of a look around and then get chatting with the cheery proprietor and his friend. It turns out that Robert (the shop owner) had only recently opened up his store after dreaming of such a venture for many years. With the wider population becoming increasingly aware of climate change and the need for a shift toward sustainability the time was right, so he took the plunge.

Robert stocks all sorts of wonderful things from Fowlers Vacola preserving kits. Apiary supplies, books, toiletries and other sustainably produced products. In time, as the shop evolves they plan to run workshops too.

I give Bee Sustainable a big thumbs up. So get down Brunswick East (if you aren’t too far away) and check out this wonderful shop. We certainly need more high street shops like this one.

So, to Robert I say “Thank you and good luck!”.

Bee Sustainable – 500 Lygon S, Brunswick East, Victoria

If you’re honey mad like me check out Melbourne City Rooftop Honey – Honey from the heart of melbourne! 


2 responses to this post.

  1. Have had a look at the website and the latest update is live. Now you can buy honey at the store in your own container for $10 a kilo – great concept and sure to be a hit with the locals!
    Also, just a quick thumbs up for your blog, as a fellow permaculture follower I appreciate you have far more experience and connections, so I will be following your posts with interest.


    • Hi Brendan, yes that is great about Roberts honey. I hope he does really well. Thank you so much for stopping by and also for leaving a message, they mean a lot to me. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions.

      Take care,


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