Garden Safety #1

A few weeks back I made a temporary bed out some old sleepers in a narrow space along the fence surrounding the vegetable patch. The fence was an ideal structure on which I could train my melons and pumpkins. I knew that it was going to make the path a bit tight but that would be fine as both the narrow bed and the fence were just temporary and that they wouldn’t be like that forever.

At the time, the weather was hot and I had plenty of projects to get done so the new bed was quickly knocked up, filled and planted and I moved on to the next project. I had secured the sleepers in place with some old star pickets that we had in the garage. Most of the pickets were short, standing no higher than the sleepers. However, one was a bit longer and as you can see in the picture below, it was at just the right height to slash open my shin on my way past.

Ouch indeed.

Needless to say, I’ve learned a very good lesson from all of this. Having nothing with which to replace the picket, I went hunting and found an old water bottle. I cut the top off leaving just enough of an opening to slide it over the top of the star picket. Et voila! No more sharp edges.

I have since whizzed around the garden to check for other unsafe edges and I will think twice about leaving sharp edges uncapped in the future. You can buy yellow safety caps from safety equipment suppliers although; around the home we don’t tend to think about buying such safety equipment. The bottle, being a nice tight fit, is doing a great job.

It’s worth the time to get yourself out in your garden from time to time and give yourself a little safety audit before you or someone else hurts themselves as I did.


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  1. GEEZ !!!!!!!!!!! that is nasty. your photo made me laugh. Hope you are ok!! xxxxxxxx


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