Berry delicious

Just in case you have been wondering what I did with those beautiful berries I picked the other day – I made some cute little berry and custard cups and last night I treated us to a tasty ice cream sundaes.

For the custard cups I just layered stewed fruit (rhubarb and rose), custard and fresh fruit.

Rhubarb, rose and berry custard cups

The sundaes were very quick and easy. I simply layered fresh berries, best quality vanilla bean ice cream and boysenberry sauce.

Vanilla and berry sundaes

Boysenberry sauce:

150g Boysenberries

Juice of 1 mandarine

3-4tbsp of raw sugar

Pour the mandarine juice berries and sugar into a saucepan. Cook until the berries have completely collapsed and the sauce is getting syrupy. Strain the sauce either in a tea strainer or a muslin cloth to keep out any seeds. If using a strainer you will have to squash the seeds against the sides to make sure you have all of the fruit. Allow the sauce to cool. This sauce will keep in the fridge for about 3-4 days.

You can use it to do all kinds of posh things like, pop it in the blender with some ice cream or yogurt and fresh berries to make yummy smoothie. Stir it through some custard and use the mix to fill fruit tarts or fold the sauce through whipped cream to spread between the layers of a sponge cake. Or as I will be doing tomorrow, stirring it through icing sugar and using it to decorate my Christmas cookies.


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  1. Posted by paolo pomodori on December 21, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    moar please!


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